Gary is extremely professional, thoughtful, courteous, and honorable.  He only suggested things after a lot of thought as to what worked for us, and to our budget.  He is punctual, responsive, and patient.  He was very creative, and solved some of the challenges we had with layout and living functionality with the best possible solutions, and thinks through all the details that made whatever he worked on just perfect.  I highly recommend him not only for his obvious talent and knowledge about the industry, but because he is wonderful and a pleasure to work with. 

Gary has longstanding relationships with, and clearly knows everyone in the Sarasota (and beyond) design and art industry, and he uses only resources that meet his high standards.  He also had very broad knowledge of furniture and accessories, and quickly could recite multiple options that met what we were looking for.  Gary has had unlimited and complete access to our condo, and we trust him implicitly.  I strongly recommend him.

Anne and Greg Cooney